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Underwater Scuba Diving

For nearly my whole life, I’ve dreamed of building a brand that celebrates all aspects of the ocean—the dark and mysterious depths, the beauty of dolphins playing in the waves, and the power of the tides. Neptune’s Law is that dream come true.


As a child growing up in an East coast beach town, the sea was always a place of peace, comfort, and strength. I could hear the sounds of the boats from my open bedroom window. I would go to the beach to get away from things that were ugly in life. The beach/ocean represented ( always will ) everything beautiful to me — from her power and strength to her tranquility and endless beauty.


 I began SCUBA diving so I could explore life beneath the waves and connect more deeply to something that has been such a powerful force in my life. It will always be a passion and my favorite hobby.

Now, I’m grateful to have the chance to share my love of the ocean with my wife and Neptune’s Law’s Chief Financial Officer Mary, our three children,(who are our inspiration in all we do) and of course my sea dog Piper. 


All of the original artwork on Neptune’s Law products is inspired by our deep love of the sea and its many faces. We screen-print our designs in sunny, beautiful SW Florida using the highest quality fabrics that look amazing, feel great, and are made to last. As a family-owned and operated business, we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and treating our customers like they are part of our crew.


Whether you love fishing off the coast of Maine or boating in Florida, you can show off your passion for the sea while enjoying the utmost comfort in our nautical clothing and accessories.


We hope you join our crew and enjoy this beautiful journey with us !

-Michael Miller, Founder & CEO

Our Collections


Ready to show off what you love about the ocean? Our designs range from soft and subtle to edgy and powerful, so there’s something for everyone. The question is: how deep are you ready to dive?


Sunlight Collection

Stingrays glide by and small fish scatter as you dip beneath the waves. You’re in the sunlight zone, basking in the peace and tranquility of this softer side of the ocean. Our Sunlight Collection features designs that highlight all of the gentle beauty that the ocean holds as well as signature Neptune’s Law items bearing our logo.

Twilight Collection

A massive eight-armed octopus emerges from the wreckage of a ship. Further down bio luminescent creatures flicker small bursts of light into the cold darkness. You’re ready to explore the deeper levels of the sea in the twilight zone. Our Twilight Collection designs feature sunken ships, pirates, leviathon's, and other sea creatures—real and imagined—that represent the edgier side of the ocean. 

Midnight Collection

Bathed in total darkness, the midnight zone of the ocean is one of the final frontiers of human discovery. The extreme cold, darkness, and pressure make these incredible depths inhospitable to most forms of sea life. Our Midnight Collection is inspired by this mysterious level of the sea and features our darkest and most powerful designs, including images of our namesake Neptune.

Women’s Midnight Collection

Essential Items

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